Touring exhibitions

In recent years, the National Museum of Cinema has organised a thorough selection of exhibitions based on their own collections and in collaboration with other cultural institutions.
Today, these exhibitions are available for touring in Italy and abroad, in a variety of venues (museums, galleries, public and private cultural institutions): you can find available exhibitions in this section. Some exhibitions are also associated with film retrospectives that can be made available as an additional offer.

MAGNUM ON SET. Cinema seen by great photographers

Curated by: Andréa Holzherr and Isabel Siben

Reporters from the biggest photographic agency in the world often recorded the production work that went into the classics of film history.


The "WE BELIEVED. The Risorgimento according to Martone" exhibition

Curated by: Alberto Barbera

The principal characters, locations, scenes and moments in the production of Mario Martone’s film on the complex and often dramatic events of Italy’s risorgimento movement,


Differently alive. Zombies, vampires, mummies, ghosts

Curated by: Peppino Ortoleva

The exhibit curated by Peppino Ortoleva guides us into a journey in the company of an enduring mythology and its protagonists.


REBELS Marlon Brando and Anthony Quinn. Photographs by Sam Shaw

Curated by: Alberto Barbera

A series of images taken from the coverage of the sets of two great films: One-eyed Jacks (1961), by and with Marlon Brando and Michael Cacoyannis’s Zorba the Greek (1965), with Anthony Quinn.


Ecce Homo. The image of Jesus in the history of cinema

Curated by: Silvio Alovisio, Nicoletta Pacini, Tamara Sillo

Through a careful selection of photographs and posters, the exhibition offers the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the iconographic variants which have characterised the figure of Christ in the history of film.


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