Becoming a Partner & Sponsor

The National Museum of  Cinema operates according to the rules of private law and has the City of Turin, the Piedmont Region, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT,  Associazione Museo Nazionale del Cinema and GTT among its founding members. It benefits from the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.
The Museum is among the most important film institutions in the world and, over the years, it has become a centre of cultural events of great international prestige. The success of public and international awards make it of interest to companies and donors for the relations and communication opportunities that it can offer. Today, the Museum continues to develop its activities thanks to their support.

Supporting the National Museum of Cinema

Becoming a partner or sponsor means participating in the life of the Museum and supporting its activities, helping to convey a passion for cinema in pragmatic ways, as well as having opportunities for communication and forging relationships.
There are several areas of intervention available to companies or individual donors: restoration, exhibitions, events, retrospectives, festivals, schools activities or special projects.

Becoming a partner of the National Museum of Cinema

The Museum has always been a constantly evolving and dynamic place: over the years, it changed parts of the exhibition itinerary in order to combine the performance and informational dimensions of the Museum experience, as well as offering some elements of attraction. It organises temporary exhibitions festivals, events and film festivals throughout the year.
Being a partner of the Museum means participating in all the Museum’s activities - the brand presence will be visible on all communication media, from website to communication campaigns associated with individual events. Partners receive invitations to exhibition openings, festivals, exhibitions, entrance tickets, guided tours and exclusive tours, catalogues and use of the space for private events. Each partnership project can be defined ad hoc.
SEE the partners that have supported the Museum in recent years.

Becoming a partner of an exhibition or an event

During the year, the Museum organises one or two temporary exhibitions, through which public works from the collections of the Museum and other major institutions or private collections are presented to the public.

Touring exhibitions


A heritage to be experienced

Over the years, the Museum has collected a rich and varied heritage that recounts the history of the "cinema show" and makes the Museum one of the most important institutions at international level. Donations and new acquisitions, together with cataloguing, digitisation and restoration activities allow the Museum to protect and enhance its collection.
Support the restoration of a work, or the digitisation of a funds and you will be contributing to the dissemination and knowledge of film history and its masterpieces.

Support the Cinema Massimo

Cinema Massimo-MNC is just a few steps away from the Mole Antonelliana.

Its programme includes retrospectives, special events, previews, meetings with personalities from the world of cinema and culture, debates, book launches and live music accompaniments of silent films. It hosts worldwide cinema, both current and past, from silent films to contemporary productions, in original version with subtitles in Italian as well as regular events such as 'VO' and 'Magnificent Visions', short films by renowned auteurs, imported films, 35mm, screenings for families and schools.


Support our Festivals

Torino Film Festival, CinemAmbiente, Lovers Film Festival. Through these festivals, the Museum presents itself as an international showcase of contemporary cinema, offering a broad and at the same time rigorous and poetical insight into the film scene. The festivals also provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the cinema of the past, thanks to retrospectives and tributes to great authors.
Among the international events, there is TorinoFilmLab, which was created to strengthen the action of the Torino Film Festival in support of new films – a tool to support the production by emerging authors, through incentives for the development of screenplays and the creation of a producers’ network.





Help us to support activities to promote accessibility

The Museum is accessible to everyone and for several years it has been engaged in initiatives geared towards meeting visitors’ diverse needs: a cultural consumption model with the aim of making the Museum experience active, participatory and rewarding for every audience type. Inside the Mole Antonelliana, the Paideia Hall hosts recreational-educational activities for schools, groups and families. It is a space created in collaboration with the Paideia Foundation, designed to promote an inclusive educational approach.    See more


Our Partner




Becoming a partner of educational services

Discovering cinema, its history and origins in a unique museum, to be explored through themed itineraries, engaging animated visits, workshops on set and fun treasure hunts. There are several, diverse activities which are addressed to all types of visitors, from the youngest to the oldest, including schools, groups and families.
A valuable educational and cultural resource available to all, the Museum welcomes and promotes projects which foster social and intercultural dialogue, embracing the endless opportunities of communication provided by our film heritage. An open and constantly evolving place, able to engage, stir up emotions and create growth opportunities where meeting and communication are encouraged.
Screenings, retrospectives and special events make the Cinema Massimo a discovery and meeting place where spectators become the protagonists.


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