The National Museum of Cinema, always attentive to the needs of different audience types, uses display solutions to facilitate the participation of all visitors, allowing them to move effortlessly around the museum and to enjoy the experience.


The National Museum of Cinema - Mole Antonelliana 

Free admission to the Museum and Panoramic Lift for people with disabilities and their companions.

icon_accessibilita_carrozzina.jpg Dedicated entrance with intercom system.  Wheelchairs available free of charge, to be requested at the ticket office.
                Priority access


 On each floor


High readability visual-tactile and braille panels with a map of the exhibition itinerary.

QR Code icon_accessibilita_qrcode.jpg NFC icon_accessibilita_sottotitoli.jpg which activate audio and video in Italian with Italian sign language and subtitles on the smartphone.


icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpg icon_accessibilita_carrozzina.jpgicon_accessibilita_bastone.jpg  icon_accessibilita_passeggino.jpg 

Lift to access exhibition rooms with staff’s assistance

icon_accessibilita_lis.jpg  Guided tours with an Italian sign language


Ground floor

icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpg  Access with "Loges" tactile-plantar itinerary.

icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpgicon_accessibilita_carrozzina.jpg   Visual-tactile exhibition area “La Mole Antonelliana”.


Archaeology of Cinema

icon_accessibilita_testo.jpg      Digital captions which allow you to magnify the text and images and change the contrast.

icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpg Models to touch and explore with your hands allow you to test the functioning of pre-cinematic devices and discover their technical principles. 

icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpgicon_accessibilita_testo.jpg   Visual-tactile panels with embossed images; high readability and braille text.

QR Code icon_accessibilita_qrcode.jpg NFC icon_accessibilita_sottotitoli.jpgto activate audio content of the texts on the panels in Italian and English.


Temporary exhibitions

Reference material available on a Totem located at the beginning of the exhibition:

icon_accessibilita_testo.jpg      Easy to read texts in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish;  font per dyslexic people.

    Simplified texts in Italian and English.

    Conceptual maps.

icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpg  Braille texts in Italian and visual-tactile reproductions of some exhibited works.

Along the exhibitions itinerary

icon_accessibilita_lis.jpg icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpgQR Code icon_accessibilita_qrcode.jpg NFCicon_accessibilita_sottotitoli.jpg to be activated on the smartphone with audio and video in Italian with Italian sign language interpreter and subtitles.

icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpg  Braille on handrails

small_headphone-symbol_318-43646.jpg        Monitor with headphone jack and adjustable volume.


Cinema Massimo

icon_accessibilita_carrozzina.jpg  Cabiria, Rondolino and Soldati Screens: lift can be used with staff’s assistance.

icon_accessibilita_cinemamico.jpg     Cinemamico: Cinema Massimo is part of the Cinemamico circuit:

                 films’ subtitling through the "Moviereading" app.



  • icon_accessibilita_carrozzina.jpg Reading room and meeting room.