Touring exhibitions

In recent years, the National Museum of Cinema has organised a thorough selection of exhibitions based on their own collections and in collaboration with other cultural institutions.
Today, these exhibitions are available for touring in Italy and abroad, in a variety of venues (museums, galleries, public and private cultural institutions): you can find available exhibitions in this section. Some exhibitions are also associated with film retrospectives that can be made available as an additional offer.

The years of “La Dolce Vita”

Curated by: Alberto Barbera, Massimiliano Di Liberto Solares - Fondazione delle Arti, Parma

Fifty years from the creation of Fellini's masterpiece, comes an exibition which reconstructs the climate of Dolce Vita, restoring a precious record of a film and a era that were for many reasons, absolutely unforgettable.


Rodolfo Valentino. The seduction of the myth

Curated by: Nicoletta Pacini e Antonio Miredi

A tribute to one of the most popular and eternal stars in the history of cinema.
The outdoor images are the prelude to a large selection of photos that are exhibited along the helicoidal ramp inside the Museum. The photos trace Valentino’s brief yet intense film career through set photos,...


Men against. The cinema of Francesco Rosi

Curated by: Alberto Barbera and Lorenzo Codelli

A tribute to “one of the great maestros of contemporary cinema,” as Martin Scorsese called him. He was a filmmaker of reality, whose impact and expressive concentration were so great that he became an example to follow.
The exhibit features 130 photos from Francesco Rosi’s vast personal...


International Intrigue. The cinema of Roman Polanski

Curated by: Alberto Barbera

A photographic itinerary that studies the works of the great director, who was of Polish origins but stateless by vocation.


The last Apache. Emilio Ghione. The life and films of an Italian star

Curated by: Gianna Chiapello e Luigi Virgolin

The exhibit, in collaboration with the Film Library of Bologna, is a tribute to the actor and director Emilio Ghione, a star of Italian silent films.


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