Ecce Homo. The image of Jesus in the history of cinema

Through a careful selection of photographs and posters, the exhibition offers the opportunity to take an in-depth look at the iconographic variants which have characterised the figure of Christ in the history of film.


Outdoor set up: a chronological selection of the most significant christological films, from the first Passions of silent films to the recent and debated The Passion by Mel Gibson.

30 large-format panels (cm 140x140); each photo is printed on a Dibond® panel with a metal hook on the back and a caption in Italian and English.

Indoor set up: a comparison between the different representations of the main events in the life of Jesus, from the Nativity to the Resurrection, documented by various scenes of key events of evangelical tradition. 120 photographic reproductions in various sizes, each with a black picture frame and a caption in Italian.


Curated by Silvio Alovisio, Nicoletta Pacini, Tamara Sillo
27 March6 June 2010
Location Mole Antonelliana, Torino
Typology Inside and Outside
Availability Available