IL GUARDIANO DEI NOSTRI INCUBI (The Guardian of our Nightmares)

1 June – 26 September 2022 - National Museum of Cinema - Mole Antonelliana

The National Museum of Cinema in Turin presents IL GUARDIANO DEI NOSTRI INCUBI (The Guardian of our Nightmares) curated by Domenico De Gaetano, Marcello Garofalo, Elisabetta Sgarbi, a collection of 21 plates from the monographic issue of LINUS (May 2022), published by La nave di Teseo, dedicated to Dario Argento and published on the occasion of DARIO ARGENTO - THE EXHIBIT, the major exhibition organised by the National Museum of Cinema of Turin and Solares Fondazione delle Arti, curated by Domenico De Gaetano and Marcello Garofalo, at the National Museum of Cinema until 16 January 2023.


Hosted in the evocative reception area of the Mole Antonelliana, the exhibition presents the plates that -with different styles typical of each author- narrate and give life to as many contemporary visions of Dario Argento and his works, capable of engaging the visitors and making them take a step further into that dreamlike universe in which Argento's cinema invites spectators to look in and immerse themselves.


The graphic line and the word thus become the leitmotif of this journey of discovery of the master of horror, his personal style and his original and unique vision in the world of cinematographic storytelling, which cannot be traced back to any other author. In his works, Dario Argento has always looked to the other arts - music, painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, design - and has drawn them into his works, in a game of cross-references and interweavings. The power of the cinematographic imagery created by a filmmaker has a strong impact on society and culture, thanks to iconic signs and the ability to keep an intense relationship with the audience that is always renewed.

The exhibition itinerary alternates images and texts: from Igort's editorial to texts by Giuseppe Sansonna, Domenico De Gaetano and Marcello Garofalo, Piera Detassis, Roberto Pugliese, Adriano Ercolani, Davide Pulci with an interview with Sergio Stivaletti. But the visitor can above all discover a reinvented Dario Argento in the portraits of the director created by Alice Iuri, Riccardo Mannelli, Francesco Ripoli and Stefano Zattera, in the illustrations inspired by films or posters by Stefano Bessoni, Grazia La Padula, Leila Marzocchi, Isabella Mazzanti, Valentina Napolitano and Sergio Ponchione, in the comics created by Sergio Algozzino, Giuseppe Pollicelli & Sudario Brando, Massimo Giacon, Danilo Maramotti and Squaz.

The exhibited plates have been donated to the National Museum of Cinema.




The National Museum of Cinema, which has always been attentive to different types of audiences, adopts exhibition solutions and tools aimed at facilitating the participation of all visitors.


Dario Argento - The Exhibit for all is made accessible thanks to the multi-sensory book available for reference which features highly readable facilitated texts, visual-tactile images in relief, QRs for access to audio descriptions of the textual content in Italian and English, and some audio tracks of Argento's film soundtracks. Moreover, the interview with the Maestro is available in its complete version with Italian/English subtitles and translation in LIS (Italian Sign Language).


The Guardian of our Nightmares is made accessible thanks to the tactile visual guide image, while an audio introduction to the exhibition in Italian/English and a video introduction to the exhibition with LIS (Italian Sign Language) interpreter with Italian subtitles and IS (International Sign Language) interpreter with English subtitles are available via QR and online.