VR EFFECT! Virtual Reality Cinema

Temple Hall - CineVR 1 and 2

A new Museum' area dedicated to virtual reality

 A renewed set-up, a new area dedicated to virtual reality, produced in partnership with Rai Cinema, CineVR is the first Italian permanent movie theatre completely dedicated to VR which features a non-stop daily programme, screening movies conceived and realised with this technique.

Visitors of the National Museum of Cinema will be able to pick one of the movies available in the visors’ library and reserve a viewing directly from the virtual reality desk. Movies will be screened on a loop while a technologically advanced hygienic system allows to sanitise the visors in one minute, ensuring the standards required by present regulations.

Screening programme

In trincea by Marco Amenta.  In winter 1944 the difficult advance of the Allied forces in central Italy. A production Eurofilm. An audiovisual project in 360°Virtual Reality    co-financed by European Union as part of  P.O.R. FESR Lazio of Avviso Atelier Arte Bellezza e Cultura.

Om Devi:Sheroes Revolution (Italia 2020, 23’) directed by Claudio Casali and produced by Sibilla Film, Alterawide, Kautilya Society. A journey through India today, through the eyes of three women who have all experienced the vindication of gender equality in different ways. Anjali, Shabnam and Devya Arya continue their everyday battles, combining the social idealism with the spirituality they grew up with, in a harmonious synthesis of activism and tradition. The spirit of Devi, the much-celebrated Indian deity symbolising female energy symbolically weaves her way into their tales,

For the occasion of the exhibit Photocall is it possible to the public to see also the short film RedCarpetVR realized by Rai Cinema.

For the occasion of the exhibit Diabolik alla Mole: is also available Diabolik VR Experience is a short film  made by Omar Rashid Gold Productions for Rai Cinema. Filmed in VR360 in Diabolik’s mysterious hideout.

Due to the immersive technology of VR devices, the use of VR headsets is allowed only to people over 12 and is not recommended to pregnant women, people with epilepsy, heart or visual conditions, and people with pace-makers, cochlear implants, hearing aids