VR EFFECT! Virtual Reality Cinema

Temple Hall - CineVR 1 and 2

A new Museum' area dedicated to virtual reality

 A renewed set-up, a new area dedicated to virtual reality, produced in partnership with Rai Cinema, CineVR is the first Italian permanent movie theatre completely dedicated to VR which features a non-stop daily programme, screening movies conceived and realised with this technique.

Visitors of the National Museum of Cinema will be able to pick one of the movies available in the visors’ library and reserve a viewing directly from the virtual reality desk. Movies will be screened on a loop while a technologically advanced hygienic system allows to sanitise the visors in one minute, ensuring the standards required by present regulations.


Screening programme


Until 13 July

Babel - Il giorno del giudizio (Italy 2019,150’), directed by Manuel CoserAndrea GrasselliGuido Nicolas Zingari and produced by Il Piccolo Cinema con Sobrio.



Nikola Tesla the man from the future (Italia 2020, 16') by Alessandro Parrello

H.O.M. A cross-media project about mental health

Vulcano (Italia, 2021, 10') by Omar Rashid, produced by Gold, Rai Cinema and Valmyn Distribution.


During summertime 

Being an Austronaut directed by Jürgen Hansen & Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff and produced by La Vingt-Cinquième Heurein:
two movies (15' each):

From 22 JuneFirst episode

From 26 July - Second episode


Due to the immersive technology of VR devices, the use of VR headsets is allowed only to people over 12 and is not recommended to pregnant women, people with epilepsy, heart or visual conditions, and people with pace-makers, cochlear implants, hearing aids