26 November > 4 December 2021

Returning to the cinemas and encountering the general public (one of the festival’s well-known characteristics) and the filmmakers is the soul of the entire event. The five competitive sections are its pulsing heart and they consolidate our primary commitment to protecting and promoting works by new authors, often made by independent producers and involving many young professionals. We are strongly convinced that giving prominence to these works is a useful contribution to the show business industry and to Italy’s cultural output.
This spirit of research is very present in the non-competitive sections, as well, starting with the complete tribute to the resistance filmmakers Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige. But also in Le stanze di Rol, where we find the freest movies in the name of genre cinema; the restored movies proposed in Back to Life; the festival events; the Noi focus; the masterclasses; all the way to Incubator, a new section with movies that challenge the rules of representation, and Heretical Screens, a space dedicated to stories of unconventional cinema.
At the same time, we want to foster the return to normality of a system in which screening rooms are the protagonists, and this is why we are presenting films from the upcoming movie season that impressed us, dialoguing with every viewing medium, from TV to platforms, sectors full of ferment and innovation.
This year, the Out-of-Competition section Tracce di teatro - Il respiro della scena, dedicated to the overlapping of film and theatre, shows great power and bears witness to the creativity that marks the long period when theatres were forced to close down.
Our attention to social issues is expressed through the works we have chosen, many activities with universities, a brand new and specific program for middle schoolers and high school students, our attention to accessibility and sustainability, and an unprecedented expansion of the program to urban cinemas.
The Festival takes place thanks to the National Cinema Museum, its founding partners, many collaborations (always more numerous) with local and national cultural organizations, and the generosity of filmmakers, producers, and distributors. But above all, it takes place through the daily work of our staff, colleagues from the Festival area and the museum, consultants, and interns, thanks to whom the great framework of the Festival is constructed and completed: our grateful recognition to one and all.

Stefano Francia di Celle
Director of the Torino Film Festival


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