“Cinema with your baby” is presenting Garth Jennings’ box-office champion animation film "Sing".

Cinema Massimo – 18 February 2018, 10.30 a.m. – Screen One

Cinema with your Baby, the initiative by the National Cinema Museum and the Giovani Genitori monthly magazine which features a matinee screening a month dedicated to families with babies and tiny tots is continuing at the Cinema Massimo.


In February, the rendez-vous with a cartoon for families will feature Sing by Garth Jennings (Usa 2016, 110’, DCP, col.), a box-office champion film in 2016, produced by Illumination Entertainment starring animals of every kind with human traits. In this film, the koala Buster Moon fell in love with theatre when he was six years old and dedicated his life to the theatre. He now invents a talent show to save himself from bankruptcy. He therefore opens the doors of his theatre to a long queue of aspiring singers and performers and chooses his gems: Rosita, a young mother pig with 25 babies, Mike, a vain mouse and exceptional vocalist, Ash, a hedgehog with a rocker’s heart and Johnny, a big monkey with a blues soul. Little elephant Meena should be included too, but apparently she is too timid to perform in public.


The screening will take place with reduced volume levels and muted lighting. Booster seats, changing mats, bottle-warmers, nappies and pram-parking will be available for the public, in addition to the customary snack offered by the showcase sponsors. Accessible on wheels. Tickets will offer a reduction on admission to the Cinema Museum. Admission 4.50 euro (free for children aged under 3 years).


Cinema with your baby is organised in collaboration with Equilibra, NovaCoop, Centrale del Latte di Torino and Famideal.