Maria Adriana Prolo and Alessandro Antonelli welcome visitors to the renovated reception area of the Mole Antonelliana

Mole Antonelliana

The welcome plan of the National Museum of Cinema at the Mole Antonelliana has been renewed. Over the last few months, structural and set-up works have led to the creation of a large space for temporary exhibitions - the first is Diabolik at the Mole, inaugurated on 16 December - as a natural continuation of the visit itinerary.


Antonelli's imposing structure is highlighted through a new lighting system that enhances the architectural elements, creating an alternation of shapes, lights, colours and shadows revealing both the lightness and the majesty of Alessandro Antonelli's work to its visitors. The aim was to create a welcoming, stimulating and sustainable environment.


The removal of old furniture involved the entire area, making it fully accessible according to Design For All criteria. The cafeteria counter, which had not been used for several years, was removed, and all the alcoves were levelled making them a space for exhibitions or installations.


The perimeter columns made of red brick are lit like lanterns thanks to special light circles placed at the base, which enhance their shape and surface texture. Spotlights with variable optics illuminate the exhibition space while from the 'oculi' in the centre of the vault other beams of light amplify the effect of depth. An atmospheric light source positioned under the panoramic lift shaft creates a further scenic effect. The glass floor has been brought back into view to allow visitors to admire the extrados of the basement vault, which has also been enhanced by dedicated perimeter lighting in white light. 


Lastly, the novelty with the greatest impact: the large ledwall screen, measuring approx. 4 metres by 3, shows on a loop the unprecedented 9-minute video installation dedicated to the crossed destinies of the two great geniuses who, at different times, gave life to the Mole Antonelliana and the National Museum of Cinema. Alessandro Antonelli, visionary architect of the 19th century, and Maria Adriana Prolo, historian and collector of the 20th century, tell the visitor the extraordinary stories of this museum and the building that houses it, thanks to archive material from the National Museum of Cinema's collections and those of other important institutions.


An environmental awareness is also reflected in the MNC Recycle initiative, a line of objects made for the National Museum of Cinema by the female inmates of Turin's Lorusso and Cutugno Prison, in collaboration with the Extraliberi Social Cooperative, using the Museum's disused promotional materials. The recycling of things and the rebirth of people in this project go hand in hand. The MNC Recycle line is available for sale at the Freedhome store in via Milano 2C in Turin and at the Bookshop in Mole.