The box set dedicated to Maria Adriana Prolo

The National Museum of Cinema in Turin celebrates with this publishing project the seventieth anniversary of its foundation and its membership with the Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film in 1953.

The box set is published by the National Museum of Cinema in collaboration with the Università degli Studi in Turin, with the contribution of Universo and the Associazione Museo del Cinema. It contains two publications:

  • Storia del cinema muto italiano Vol. I (History of Italian Silent Cinema vol. I) by Maria Adriana Prolo (Il Poligono, 1951), anastatic edition, L'Artistica di Savigliano (CN); 187 pages, 118 images
    The volume proposes Maria Adriana Prolo’s influential and enlightening study on Italian silent cinema published in 1951, which is now difficult to find.
  • Una pioniera per la storia del cinema: Maria Adriana Prolo (A pioneering film historian: Maria Adriana Prolo) edited by Claudia Gianetto and Silvio Alovisio (March 2023), L'Artistica di Savigliano (CN); 56 pages, 12 images.
    The volume contains unpublished essays and testimonies on Maria Adriana Prolo’s life and on her essential contribution to the development of historical research on Italian silent films.


Cretinetti attends a cockfight
(Itala Film, 1911)

Satan (Società Anonima Ambrosio, 1912)


The box set–originally in Italian– was printed as a limited edition and is not on sale; the same contents are available free of charge in a digital version in Italian (unabridged edition with images) and translated into foreign languages.


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