Curated by Stefano Bessoni and Domenico De Gaetano

National  Museum of Cinema, ground floor

10 May – 11 September 2023

Free entrance

The National  Museum of Cinema present the first major exhibition dedicated to the creative genius of Stefano Bessoni, director, illustrator and animator. 

Over 150 works on display- most of them belong to Stefano Bessoni's private archive and to the collections of the National Museum of Cinema- immerse ourselves in Stefano Bessoni's world through an itinerary populated by puppets, illustrations, films, artefacts and scientific formulations, between the fantastic and the fairy tale world; a fascinating Wunderkammer inside the most majestic and imposing of Turin's 'chambers of wonders', the Mole Antonelliana. 

Illustrious figures such as Antonelli, Prolo, Darwin, Lombroso and Greenaway, albeit in different eras and fields, share a common vocation: to collect and catalogue objects and ideas.  The art and work of Stefano Bessoni recount this fil rouge