Manhattan Trilogy. Three films by Amir Naderi.

Cinema Massimo – 10 and 11 September 2018 – Screen Tre


On 10 and 11 September Cinema Massimo will show three films the Iranian filmmaker Amir Naderi filmed in Manhattan during the 1990s. Made possible through Zomia Distribuzione, the screening follows a retrospective shown at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.


The titles are A,B,C Manhattan, Manhattan by Numbers, and Marathon, all three of which derive their thrust from the director’s existential restlessness, his meeting the challenge of each new film, his eccentric, free, and abstract obsession. His tone is preemptory and poetic, sophisticated and modern. “All my films share the same subject, a character trying to do the impossible,” says Naderi who has completed his most recent movie filmed in Los Angeles with Jacqueline Bisset.

Admission €6.00/4.00/3.00.


Manhattan by Numbers

(USA 1993, 110’, 35 mm, b/w, original with Italian subtitles)

George Murphy is a journalist between jobs and has only 24 hours to find the money to pay the back rent owed the landlord. If he can’t pay the arrears in full, he, his wife, and daughter will be evicted from the apartment. He wanders Manhattan asking his acquaintances to help him.

Monday 10 September, 8.30 pm


A, B, C… Manhattan

(USA 1997, 90’, DCP, color, original with Italian subtitles)

Three women are about to take an important decision. They all live in Alphabet City on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Colleen is a photographer and has a little daughter. Kacey lost her fiancé and lover but is looking for her dog. Kate is waiting for the right moment to break off with Stevie.

Tuesday 11 September, 4.00 pm



(USA 2002, 74’, DCP, color, original with Italian subtitles)

Gretchen wants to beat her own record of solving 77 crossword puzzles in 24 hours. She begins while riding the subway around the city, then returns home without stopping. In the meantime, her mother has been leaving messages on the answerphone.

Tuesday 11 September, 6.00 pm