Film series Prima Visione: 5 contemporary film dramas seldom or never before screened in Turin.

Cinema Massimo – from 31 August through 5 September 2018 – Screen 3

After the summer break, the film series Prima Visione returns with five director’s films seldom or never before screened in Turin. Scheduled for September are diverse films with a common theme: dealing with life’s difficulties and unexpected turns, facing daunting challenges and tough decisions.

Showings with repeats through 5 September. Dario Albertini’s Manuel, Vahid Jalilvand’s No Date, No Signature, Bruno Oliviero’s Nato a Casal di Principe, Charles-Olivier Michaud’s Anna, and Nicola Campiotti’s Country that will be.

Admission €6,00/€4,00/€3,00


Film Listing

Dario Albertini


(Italy 2018, 98?, DCP, color, original with subtitles in Italian)

On turning 18, Manuel leaves the institute for children without family care and finds he must reintegrate into a world he hardly remembers. His mother, a prison inmate, hopes to receive house arrest – but only if Manuel accepts providing for her support. How will he manage this burden?

Fri 31, 4.00 pm/Sat 1, 8.30 pm/Sun 2, 6.00 pm/Mon 3, 4.00 pm/Tue 4, 8.30 pm/Wed 5, 6.00 pm

Vahid Jahlilvand

No Date, No Signature (aka No Date, No Sign)

(Iran, 2017, 104’, DCP, color, original with subtitles in Italian)

Kaveh Nariman is a coroner and works in a morgue. One evening while driving his car he inadvertently runs into a family on a motor scooter. The child hits his head and loses consciousness. Several hours later, his body arrives dead at the hospital. The autopsy report reads botulism poisoning, but the doctor suspects that the real cause of death is the motor vehicle accident. Will he have the courage to clarify the situation?

Fri 31, 6.00 pm/Sat 1, 4.00 pm/Sun 2, 8.30 pm/Mon 3, 6.00 pm/Tue 4, 4.00 pm/Wed 5, 8.30 pm

Bruno Oliviero

Nato a Casal di Principe

(Italy/Spain 2018, 96’, DCP, color, original with subtitles in Italian)

Rome 1989. Amedeo Letizia is starting on his acting career when he receives word from Casal di Principe, his hometown, that his brother Paolo has been kidnapped. Because Casal di Principe is what author Saviano describes as the headquarters of the camorra of Caserta and because Paolo is known to get into trouble, there’s little doubt about the reasons for his disappearance.

Fri 31, 8.30 pm/Sat 1, 6.00 pm/Sun 2, 4.00 pm/Mon 3, 8.00 pm/Tue 4, 6.00 pm/Wed 5, 4.00 pm

Charles-Olivier Michaud


(Canada 2015, 109’, DECP, color, original with subtitles in Italian)

Anna is a journalist working in Asia to expose the trafficking ring of young women. She is herself abducted by the traffickers and subjected to the same brutal treatment as what she has documented in other women. Miraculously, she escapes live but marked bodily and mentally by the experience. On returning to Montreal, she begins to rebuilt her life and plot revenge.

Tue 18, 4.00 pm/Fri 28, 4.00 pm

Nicola Campiotti

Country that will be

(Italy 2013, 77’, DCP, color, original with subtitles in Italian)

After yet another fruitless job interview, 30-year-old Nicola, takes off with Elia, his little brother, to discover the best and worst of present day Italy. The worst parts are the first things the brothers meet, and plentifully. The best parts come eventually at the end and lend a note of hope to the brothers’ undertaking.   

Wed 19, 4.00 pm/Fri 28, 6.00 pm