The TorinoFilmLab and the National Cinema Museum will present "El Cristo ciego" by Christopher Murray in April.

Cinema Massimo – 18 April 2018, 9.00 p.m. – Screen Three

Starting from April, the TorinoFilmLab and the National Cinema Museum will present one of the films supported by the TorinoFilmLab, now reaching its tenth year of activity, once a month. The first film within this cycle of dates is El Cristo ciego by Christopher Murray.

The TorinoFilmLab is an international laboratory aiming at supporting young emerging talents through training, development, funding and distribution activities for feature films and tv series. Every year it attracts filmmakers from all over the world to Turin during the TFL Meeting Event – which takes place concurrently with the Torino Film Festival – to support them in the presentation of their projects for first and second works to over 300 professionals. So far, the TorinoFilmLab has contributed to the production of 84 films, many of which have already been screened within the “TFL” section at the Torino Film Festival.

Admission 6.00/4.00 euro.


Christopher Murray

El Cristo ciego (The blind Jesus)

(Chile/France 2016, 85’, DCP, col., o.v. it.s/t)

As a child, Michael got his hands nailed to a tree by his best friend; afterwards, in pain but trustingly, he received a revelation next to a fire. Since then he has been speaking as a prophet in his village, which reacts by mocking him. When he learns that his erstwhile friend has had a bad accident, he decides to heal him by applying his miraculous hands and crosses the desert barefoot in order to reach him.