TANGIBLE HUES Peretti Griva and Italian Pictorialism From the photograph collection of the National Cinema Museum

Mole Antonelliana and Bibliomediateca Mario Gromo
8 February8 May 2017

Pictorialism, a fascinating expression of artistic photography, had its moment of maximum splendor between the late 1800s and the first two decades of the 1900s. Pictorial photographers shared a clear-cut aesthetic concept whose goal was to legitimize photography as an artistic expression, on a par with painting and drawing.
Italian Pictorialists competed as equals with virtuoso European and American photographers; they participated and gained renown at the various international Salons of artistic photography.
The exhibit Tangible Hues. Peretti Griva and Italian Pictorialism. From the photograph collection of the National Cinema Museum is dedicated to these highly talented artists; first of all, to the emblematic figure of Domenico Riccardo Peretti Griva and his poetic “photographic impressions,” which will introduce us to the world of Pictorialism. The broad-ranging exhibit presents the important photograph collection conserved at the National Cinema Museum, some of the most significant pieces from Italian institutions and private collections, and photographs by contemporary artists which dialogue with historical works.
The exhibit continues at the Mario Gromo Library-Mediatheque, with an in-depth presentation of Peretti Griva’s favorite subjects, in particular, landscapes, portraits and animal “friends.”
The exhibit, is curated by Marco Antonetto and Dario Reteuna; the Peretti Griva section, by Giovanna Galante Garrone.

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