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A document collection of unparalleled wealth and interest for its content and breadth, the Historical Archives preserve unique and unusual items of the history of cinema: thousands of documents that bear witness to the life and activities of Italian and foreign silent and sound cinema companies, directors, screenwriters, actors and technicians. The documentation covers the entire span of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and, more sporadically, the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with evidence relating to the archaeology of cinema and photography. Funds, series and individual archival documents have constantly updated and digitised inventories.

Last inventory update: November 2018


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Archival documents can be consulted on Tuesdays by booking in advance by email (archivio@museocinema.it).
Access is free when taking out a membership card.
In the Reading Room, copies of the inventories and workstations to access the inventories published online are available.
The request for consultation shall be submitted to the staff by filling out the relevant form.
The Archive staff is available to assist the user in carrying out research, consult the inventory and select information resources on the Internet.
Workstations are available for the use of laptops, with power sockets and a free Wi-Fi connection.


Photocopying is not allowed, in particular for bound documents, scrolls, documents that are easily damaged or in poor condition, large documents and drawings.

Reproductions are free (without flash or tripods) for non-profit activities.

Reproduction of original materials by internal staff requires the payment of a different fee depending on the use, as specified in the price list.

It should be noted that in certain cases the Museum owns the original materials, but not the economic rights relating to the same and that the documents are bound by personal data protection rules.
The publication of images from archive documents is therefore possible only to an extent compatible with the existing laws on Copyright and Privacy policy. Otherwise, the applicant must obtain the necessary consent from those entitled, and in case pay the due amount, absolving the Museum of any responsibility in this regard.
The applicant must complete and sign one of the following forms and send it to the Archive, depending on the purpose of the request:

Authorization to publish

Reproduction for study or research

Authorisation for reproduction and exhibition


Loan of materials

The loan of original materials must follow the procedure requested by the Soprintendenza archivistica e bibliografica del Piemonte e della Valle d'Aosta, as detailed in the document:

Conditions of loan



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