Posters and Advertising Materials

The collection amounts to about 535,000 items ranging from posters, playbills, various promotional materials produced for film launches. It documents the history of cinema and poster art, from silent films to the most recent productions. Through the brush stroke of great designers - Metlicovitz, Cambellotti, Ballester, Martinati, Captains, Brini, Nano, to name a few - to the more contemporary graphics solutions, we find cinema from around the world, primarily the Italian one, next to the rest of Europe and, of course, the widely represented world of Hollywood. Among the most valuable posters there are some dedicated to pre-cinema shows. It is a heterogeneous collection that, as a whole, highlights the importance of advertising posters as an artistic and cultural phenomenon among the most significant of our time.


Loan of materials

The loan of original materials must follow the procedure of the Superintendences, as outlined in the document   

Conditions of loan

Digital reproductions

The digital reproduction of original materials involves the payment of a fee which varies depending on the use as indicated in the Price list.
If the goods required have not been reproduced already, the applicant will have to cover, in addition to the reproduction costs, the cost of any potential restoration. It should be noted that in certain cases the Museum owns the original materials but not the economic rights relating to the same. Therefore, if he/she plans to reproduce such goods, the applicant must obtain the necessary consent by those entitled, thereby absolving the Museum from any responsibility in this regard.
Those requesting a loan will need to fill in a form, depending on the purpose of their request:

Reproduction for motives of study and research

Request for the permission to publish

Authorisation for reproduction and exhibition

The document must be sent to the Collections department (mail


Nicoletta Pacini
tel.  +39.011.8138.523