Experience the thrill of the cinema inside the Mole Antonelliana!
One of the most exciting exhibitions about cinema you’ll ever see: against a backdrop of sets, projections and light shows, the spectacular displays will  bring your visit to life and immerse you in the magic of the cinema, just like when you’re watching a movie.
Discover first-hand the secrets of what goes on behind the camera and all the stages that go into making a film along a fun and interactive route: from shadow puppetry and early magic lanterns to the most spectacular special effects in modern cinema and virtual reality.


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The National Museum of Cinema is always attentive to different audiences’ needs. It adopts measures to facilitate the participation of all visitors and allow them to move around with ease and enjoy the Museum.

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The Museum is committed to the development of digital strategies to improve the visiting experience of all kinds of audiences:


  • Free Wi-fi

  • QR Code and NFC
  • QR Code to enjoy the audio guide of the permanent collection



Museum itinerary

The Archaeology of Cinema

On the floor dedicated to the Archaeology of Cinema, you can visit eight themed areas and have a first-hand experience of the optical illusions and devices that marked some milestones in the birth of cinema.

the Temple Hall

the Temple Hall

At the core of the Museum is the stunning  Temple Hall, surrounded by small chapels dedicated to the cult of cinema, an area entitled to Cabiria, the masterpiece of Italian silent cinema, another to Turin as a "City of Cinema" as well as CineVR, the first movie theatre in Italy within a museum to be dedicated to VR.

From The Temple Hall you can access to the Ramp that like a piece of film unfolds as it goes up into the dome:  temporary exhibitions can be seen along the itinerary and a breathtaking view can be admired from the top.

The Cinema Machine

The Cinema Machine

The Cinema Machine is the exhibition area dedicated to the various elements and stages of the film industry: production studios (with a tribute to Titanus, one of the most famed Italian production companies), directing, screenwriting, actors and the star system, costumes, sets, storyboards, the movie theatre.

The poster gallery

The poster gallery

From The Cinema Machine, you can climb to The Poster Gallery: arranged as a series of phantasmagorical and colourful displays, the posters from the Museum’s large collection trace the history of cinema, films and their most relevant authors. They illustrate the evolution of figurative taste, graphics and advertising poster art.

The cupola ascent

The cupola ascent

Guided tour of the Mole Antonelliana’s architectural wonders and unseen places. A new, unprecedented itinerary on foot from the ground floor up to the Panoramic Terrace, 85 metres high, through the inner staircase inside the Cupola shell.