Sound Archives

The Museum owns a rich collection of around 3,000 records connected to cinema in several ways, from the heavy 78 rpm to the more classic 33 and 45 rpm. Through the soundtracks of hundreds of films, signed by great composers such as Morricone, Bernstein, Goldsmith, one can explore the history of music for movies, but not only: the records collection also includes the original voices of famous actors and actresses singing (from Jeanne Moreau to Marlene Dietrich, from Judy Garland to Jean Gabin) or acting (from Totò to Orson Welles, from Greta Garbo to the Marx brothers). The rich collection was recently recovered and enhanced: all the records have been catalogued and three hundred of the most precious ones have been restored and digitised. They can be listened as brief samples of tracks or in full at the Library / Mediatheque.




The 300 digitalized records may be listened  in full at the Library/Mediatheque (via Matilde Serao, 8/A - Torino). To listen on line to over 3000 digitalized tracks, naturally only as brief samples, click on JUKE BOX.


Sound Archive - Mario Gromo Library / Mediatheque
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