Wearing the film. Annamode´s costumes from Cinecittà to Hollywood

Museo Nazionale del Cinema
14 February 202011 April 2021



The exhibition - curated by Elisabetta Bruscolini - shows the talent, creativity and craftmanship of  Annamode’s dressmakers. Since the 1950s, they have created outfits which have earned Italian costume designers an international acclaim, thanks to their passion and almost manic attention to detail.

The exhibition pays homage to this combination of knowledge, attention to details art and craftmanship by showing a world made of skills, love and passion up-close.

A world that the Allegri sisters have represented and that our costume houses and talented costume designers share with great stylists, thus contributing to the success of the ‘made in Italy’ brand.

In a visionary exhibition itinerary, the most representative tailoring works of the costume house are on display, spanning from the 1950s to the “Dolce vita” era, all the way to present. It features costumes from large international productions.

Multimedia images are an essential part of the story and the audience can immerse itself in the magical world of cinema, in a virtual lab full of textures and colours, embellishments and accessories.  They will experience a fascinating world where art, cinema and craftmanship fuse together to turn actors into characters.

The exhibition starts and ends with a homage to Federico Fellini and Piero Tosi for their extraordinary inventiveness and modernity. This section includes a display of the plastic costumes from the catwalk in the Toby Dammit episode from Tre Passi nel Delirio (Spirits of the Dead, 1968), a film which was completely ground-breaking at the time. These costumes have never been displayed before due to their extreme rarity and fragility.

Finally, a homage to the Historic Costume House, Turin and the National Museum of Cinema: an original, unique costume, inspired by the Mole and bringing together all the most precious works of the costume house in its large history.  



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