SoundFrames. Cinema and Music on Exhibit

Mole Antonelliana
26 January 20187 January 2019

On the year commemorating the centenary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth, one of the biggest composers and orchestra conductors of the 20th century, the National Museum of Cinema organised a large multimedia exhibit at the Mole Antonelliana that investigates the complex relationship between music and moving images as comprehensively as possible, albeit not exhaustively. The approach is based on the creation of cross-cutting thematic sections and is not merely chronological. The main aspect of the exhibit is its multimedia nature, designed to offer the visitor a real experiential visit. The exhibit is exclusively made up of screenings winding along the Temple Hall’s helicoidal ramp; they create the ideal movie, telling the countless ways in which music and cinematic images have come together in over one century. Visitors to the exhibition will be provided with wireless headphones that are necessary for a 360 degrees immersion. To complete this emotional journey into the universe of music in cinema, the last part of the itinerary consists of 6 rooms with highly interactive features. The Temple Hall will be utilised to its maximum potential as a cinema and stage with live soundtrack performances of silent movies, experimental performances and talks with the great protagonists of contemporary music who had or still have a close connection with cinema.
The exhibition, from a concept by Donata Pesenti Campagnoni and curated by Grazia Paganelli and Stefano Boni, together with Maurizio Pisani, is on display at the National Cinema Museum from 26th January 2018 to 7th January 2019. The exhibition is dedicated to Gianni Rondolino.

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