HANDS OVER THE TRUTH - 100 Years of Francesco Rosi

The National Museum of Cinema
15 November 202217 April 2023

HANDS OVER THE TRUTH - 100 Years of Francesco Rosi

Mole Antonelliana - From 15th, November 2022 to 17th, April 2023

One hundred years from the director’s birth, there is an urgent need to return and reflect on the themes addressed by his cinema: the Mafia, power and its distortions, Italian mysteries, energy problems and links with the international economy, war and the “Southern Question” (namely the gap in the socio-economic development of Italy’s southern regions compared to the North).


A search for truth, without the presumption of imposing one’s vision on the viewer. The scrupulous verification of sources, without renouncing aesthetic research. This is what Francesco Rosi’s cinema is about, and also much more: a cinema that is outside the box
and highly topical, above all for what it reveals about ourselves and our society.


These are astonishingly topical themes and the five films chosen for the exhibition reveal their timeless essence.
The meticulous study and rigorous exploration of sources was of primary importance for Rosi’s way of film-making, to try and get his ‘hands over the truth’.
The National Museum of Cinema is the guardian of this precious memory: documentation, notes, screenplays, photographs, playbills and posters from Francesco Rosi’s personal Archive are in fact preserved in Turin; the exhibit intends to give back this rich heritage to contemporary visitors.

All the materials on display come from the Francesco Rosi Archive of the National Museum of Cinema, with the exception of the ones from Rosi’s private studio and the backstage photos of the documentary Rosi about Eboli.


HANDS OVER THE TRUTH - 100 Years of Francesco Rosi is curated by Domenico De Gaetano and Carolina Rosi with Mauro Genovese and Maria Procino.

Free entrance.

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