The collector - Carole Bellaïche, photographer for Cahiers du cinéma

Mole Antonelliana, Torino
15 November 20073 February 2008
Curated by: Alberto Barbera

Some of the most famous directors, actors and actresses of contemporary cinema, photographed by Carole Bellaïche for Cahiers du cinema. These artistic portraits, intense and personal, appear for the first time in an exhibit at the National Cinema Museum at the Mole Antonelliana. 140 images in all – taken between 1992 and August 2007 – which are both the visual representation of an editorial philosophy and the defense of a certain vision of cinema that is passionately divulged through the pages of the world’s most prestigious film magazine. Each snapshot encapsulates an anecdote, tells a small story, reveals an intense and unique instant, captured by the lens of a masterly photographer.
Carole Bellaïche began taking photographs in 1977 and started exhibiting her work in 1989. Her collaboration with Cahiers du cinéma dates back to 1992, when she was first commissioned to make a photographic report on the International Art Exhibition in Venice. She later worked for many other magazines (such as Elle) and in advertising.
About her work Carole Bellaïche says: “I’ve always loved to work with my models as if I were directing actors. A mirror-like relationship is established between photographer and actor: I look at them and they give themselves to me with abandon and it is thanks to this relationship of complete intimacy and complicity that photography can exist.”
The exhibition also includes a catalog.


The exhibit is available to be set up in other locations.