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Dear Visitors,

on its reopening, the Museum has implemented a host of measures to protect visitors’ health and guarantee a safe and pleasant visit, in line with provisions issued by the Authorities.

In particular:

  1. Part of the Museums’ installations (touch screens, tactile and visual supports) will only be partially available. Therefore, all visitors will be entitled to a reduced entry ticket;
  2. In order to avoid queues, it is strongly advised to pre-purchase tickets online (note: tickets for children under 5 will be issued at the entrance);
  3. In order to avoid gatherings, the time chosen for entry will need to be strictly adhered to. In case of lateness and failure to show up at the chosen time, visitors will have to wait for the first slot available;
  4. Visitors will have their body temperature measured at the entrance by a thermal scanner. In case of a temperature above 37,5°C access will be denied;
  5. Inside the Museum, it will be compulsory to wear a mask and sanitise hands with the gel dispensers located along the itinerary.


Wishing you a pleasant visit,

The National Museum of Cinema