Themed Itineraries

Discovering the Cinema Museum

Discover the Cinema Museum and its wonders, from tha shadow theatre to the Lumière Brothers, up to the great protagonists of the history of cinema.


From shadow theatre to the Lumière brothers

The history of shows and optical devices before cinema: shadow theatre, the peep-show, magic lanterns, phantasmagoria (optical effects and illusions) and optical theatre, all the way to cinematograph.


From the idea to the film

An itinerary through all the stages of film production to discover, through several film sequences, everything that comes before the final product and the inner workings of the cinema show: sequences, production documents, costumes, props, photographs and sketches.


The Emotion of Cinema

Evocative set designs tell us about the genres and great themes of the seventh art, at the heart of the Museum which is dedicated to the cult of cinema.


Cinema of paper

A selection of rare posters illustrates the most significant authors and films in the history of cinema, the progression of figurative taste and graphic design.


The Mole Antonelliana. History and Architecture

Discovering the extraordinary historic building that hosts the Museum: its architect Antonelli, the history of the project, its construction, restoration and conservation works that have been carried out.



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1h30 (except The Mole Antonelliana. History and A. 1h) 

€ 80,00  per group (max 25) + reduced entrance ticket (except The Mole Antonelliana. History and A. € 60) 

€ 90,00 per group (max 25) + reduced entrance ticket


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