ART OF DECAY di Andrea Meloni

Mario Gromo Library/Mediatheque
23 October20 December 2017


ART OF DECAY by Andrea Meloni is the first of the three winning projects for the OUT OF FOCUS call to be hosted at the showcasing venue in the Mario Gromo Library/Mediatheque, from 23 October to 20 December 2017. Eight strong, appealing, large format images, which are ensconced in the established tradition of locations photography, depicting the spaces of old decadent buildings as a projection of the author’s inner state. The sense of solitude and neglect that transpires from these pictures is not only physical, but emotional too.


OUT OF FOCUS, the call promoted by the National Cinema Museum and reserved for young photographers whose age ranges between 18 and 31 years, was born with the intention of welcoming and disseminating youthful photographic production in multiple aspects such as its artistic expression, as a visual document, and a narrative project. The new generations’ interest for the art of photography merges with the museum mission for the enhancement of the theme of photography and of the role of young people as active producers of culture. OUT OF FOCUS offers a space for dialogue and comparison, intended for a generation of authors who are often left out from more institutional circuits.


65 projects arrived, 3 won: following ART OF DECAY by Andrea Meloni, from mid-January to mid-March 2018 it will be the turn of Vittoria Ghiotto, with her project ICONS, while Ada Visser will exhibit her project SICARIUS from the beginning of April to the end of May 2018. In view of the high quality of the projects presented, the committee has decided to organise a collective exhibition, from mid-October to the end of December 2018, which will present a selection of the photographs shot by photographers Francesca Condo, Helena Falabino, Maria Elisa Ferraris, Elena Ferrari, Mattia Gaido and Chiara Liverani.


The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday (9 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.).