TANGIBLE HUES Peretti Griva and Italian Pictorialism From the photograph collection of the National Cinema Museum

Pictorialism, a fascinating expression of artistic photography, had its moment of maximum splendor between the late 1800s and the first two decades of the 1900s. Pictorial photographers shared a clear-cut aesthetic concept whose goal was to legitimize photography as an artistic expression, on a p... Continue

Mole Antonelliana and Bibliomediateca Mario Gromo
8 February8 May 2017

Gus Van Sant

One of independent filmmaking's most authoritative voices, Gus Van Sant is a versatile, multi-faceted director, painter, photographer and screenwriter. Portland urban landscape, desert spaces, intermittent contact, a somewhat altered perception of youth, are all common core elements of his differ... Continue

Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Mole Antonelliana
14 September 20169 January 2017

HECHO EN CUBA. Cinema in Cuban graphics. Posters from the Bardellotto collection

More than 400 movie theatres were inaugurated in Cuba from the early 1940s (one-fourth of which were located in Havana); the first movie titles proposed (of European, Mexican and Argentine origin) were advertised by many communication agencies that adopted a style of obvious western origin – resu... Continue

Mole Antonelliana
4 February29 August 2016

Neorealist Cinema - The Splendour of Truth in the Postwar Italy

Seventy years after the dazzling appearance of Roma città aperta (Rome, Open City) by Roberto Rossellini, Neorealism continues to be the best known, loved and influential moment in the history of Italian cinema. Through reproductions of stills and film sequence, documen... Continue

Mole Antonelliana
4 June 201511 January 2016

On the Front. Cameramen and Photographers Recount the Great War

Il Museo Nazionale del Cinema propone alla Mole Antonelliana dal 29 gennaio al 3 maggio 2015 la mostra AL FRONTE. Cineoperatori e fotografi raccontano la Grande Guerra, a cura di Roberta Basano e Sarah Pesenti Campagnoni, un percorso per immagini con scatti e riprese realizzati d... Continue

Mole Antonelliana
29 January17 May 2015