Cinema and psychoanalysis is presenting "Un coeur en hiver" by Claude Sautet.

Cinema Massimo – 14 March 2018, 9.00 p.m. – Screen Three

Continuing its collaboration with the National Cinema Museum, in its commitment to research significant meanings for the social dimension of existence, the Turin Psychoanalysis Centre is proposing the commented viewing of Claude Sautet’s film Un Coeur en hiver as a moment for reflection.

This showcase deals with exploring the world of human affection, which is simple, although the way it is felt and expressed is not. Life experiences generate turbulence in affection, which can lead to evolution crises or shutdowns. Cinema offers the opportunity of drawing us into many human stories. The film will be introduced and commented by Claudio Arnetoli. Admission 6.00/4.00 euro.


Claude Sautet

A heart in winter (Un Coeur en hiver)

(France 1992, 105’, 35mm, col.)

Stephane (Daniel Auteuil) and Maxime (André Dussollier) have been friends for  a long time, since the years when they used to attend the music conservatoire, still very young. But perhaps, everyday routine has separated them while they worked together, without them even noticing. Camille (Emmanuelle Béart), a young talented  violinist, enters their lives and upsets its routine.