The Sindacato Belleville is presenting "Stand By For Tape Back-Up" by Ross Sutherland for the Other Views showcase. The director will meet the public at the cinema.

Cinema Massimo – 21 February 2018, 9.00 p.m. – Screen Three

The Other Views showcase, a cycle of monthly meetings organised by the Sindacato Belleville, an independent collective of film critics, producers and promoters – which will feature the authors themselves taking part in post-screening debates, flanked by critics, experts and professionals in this field - is continuing at the cinema Massimo.


Inquiries, comparisons and analyses, through the eyes, minds and the visions of the most paradigmatic contemporary authors, of daring experimenters with novel filmic languages and narrators of thus-far concealed new forms of humanity. This month, screening of the film Stand By For Tape Back-Up by Ross Sutherland. Meeting with the director at the end.

Admission 6.00/4.00 euro.


Ross Sutherland

Stand By For Tape Back-Up

(GB 2015, 63’, HD, col., o.v. it. s/t)

Following his grandfather’s disappearance, Ross Sutherland finds a vhs they used to watch together: the tape features recordings of fragments from the Ghostbusters film, from the The fresh prince of Bel Air sitcom, from the Thriller videoclip by Michael Jackson, from a Nineties reality show and various other things. Images from the past, which become the fuzzy background for a reflection on memories, death and the concept of repetition.