Rediscovered Cinema at the Cinema is presenting the restored "Eraserhead", David Lynch’s cult film, in September.

Cinema Massimo – from 11 to 25 September 2017, Screen Three

This new season for Rediscovered Cinema at the Cinema, the Bologna Film Archive Foundation project which is bringing great classics and cult movies from the history of film back to the big screen in a restored version, is beginning with a much loved film by several generations of fans: the debut – rigorously  in black and white – of the great David Lynch, who gave birth to his first audiovisual nightmare with Eraserhead. Admission 7.50/5.00 euro.


Screenings programme


Mon 11, at 4.00/6.00 p.m./Tue 12, at 8.30 p.m./Mon 18, at 4.00/6.00 p.m./Tue 19, at 8.30 p.m./Fri 22, at 8.30 p.m./Mon 25, at 4.00/6.00 p.m.


David Lynch


(Usa 1977, 89’, DCP, b/w, o.v. it. s/t)

Henry Spencer is a printer who lives in a squalid society. One day, on returning home, his neighbour informs him his fiancée, Mary, called to invite him to dinner at her place. On arriving at the girl’s house, Henry meets her bizarre parents… Written and directed, with music and editing personally by Lynch, this film immediately became a cult item for millions of spectators.