Summer Camps 2018

A 2018 schedule of fun-filled cinematic summer activities for children: guided tours, workshops on the movie set,  half-day and week-long projects.  Exploring the Museum, and  discover cinema history and secrets in these exciting and educational camps inspired by the Museum's collections and special exhibit. 


From shadow theatre to the Lumière brothers:
The history of shows and optical devices before cinema: the shadow theatre, the peep-show, magic lanterns, phantasmagoria (optical effects and illusions) and optical theatre, all the way to cinema.
Age: 6-14

From the Idea to a Film:
What is the role of the director? Who is the producer? How long does it take to shoot a film? An itinerary of the characters and steps involved in producing a film through sequences, production documents, costumes, props, photographs and sketches.
Age: 9-14

Price/participant:  € 3 ita - € 4 eng-fr-ger-sp + € 3.50 reduced-price entrance (free entrance 2 accompanying persons per group)




Look who's talking!
Experimenting with film dialogue adaptation and dubbing techniques, retracing the history of great dubbing artists and discover the magic formula that gives a voice to real and animated characters in a fun and interactive way.
Age: 6-10

Voyage into the universe of sound -Workshop
The relationship between moving images and soundtrack is traced through a visit to the exhibition. During the workshop the students will discover and experience the evolution from silent movies to talkies finding out the role of sound and music in cinema.
Age: 6-10  

Magic on the screen: digital special effects​
How have special effects changed with the advent of the digital age? Invisibility, flying and the use of real and virtual backgrounds through the chroma-key and digital compositing techniques with three-dimensional objects.
Age: 10-14  

Duration: 2h Price/participant: € 5 + € 3.50 reduced-price entrance
The workshops are in italian only. For information and costs about the activities in other languages:+39 011 8138 564/565 -



Summer Camps organized in cooperation with con Arcidiocesi di Torino 

A day at the Museum of Cinema
A whole day filled with fun activities to discover, experiment and play with the art of Cinema.

Summer Trailer
Experimenting the whole process of creating and shooting a movie trailer in 4 days

For any further info in other languages plesase contact +39 011 8138564/565 -


UN'ESTATE DA FILM! - I bambini e i ragazzi dell'ASAI alla scoperta del Cinema

30 Maggio e 3 Giugno ore 15 - FORMAZIONE GUIDA PER UN GIORNO Rivolta agli animatori dell'ASAI 
20 Giugno ore 13.30 - TUTTI AL CINEMA MASSIMO
- Bambini 6-10 anni: Corri più che puoi, Charlie Brown!
- Ragazzi 11 - 18 anni: Lo straordinario viaggio di T.S. Pivet
Nei mesi di GIUGNO e LUGLIO I bambini e ragazzi dei Centri Estivi ASAI di Barriera di Milano, Porta Palazzo e San Salvario parteciperanno ai laboratori e alle visite al Museo del Cinema, accompagnati dai loro animatori, in veste di "guide per un giorno".

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Visite guidate, laboratori attività e proiezioni al Cinema Massimo per gli ORATORI ESTIVI 2019!
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