#FacceEmozioni - An accessible exhibit

Reference material are available at the exhibition in italian and english:


icon_accessibilita_testo.jpg      Large print sheets in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish;               

     Simplified text in Italian and English.

Along the exhibition itinerary QR Code icon_accessibilita_qrcode.jpg NFCicon_accessibilita_sottotitoli.jpg to be activated on the smartphone with audio and video in Italian with Italian sign language interpreter and subtitles.   icon_accessibilita_lis.jpg


icon_accessibilita_cieco.jpg   Braille on handrails


The sensor platform

This platform, planned by Alfredo Di Gino Puccetti, works with a transduction system which transforms sound into vibrations  thanks to its wooden surface.

The person on the platform vibrates together with it and the vibration arrives very rapidly to emotion centres, favouring an increased knowledge of one’s body and the development of sensorial memory.

With the support of this platform, music from the anthological sequences projected onto the large screens in the Temple Hall is transformed into vibration, to offer visitors the opportunity of experimenting music physically, additionally providing essential support for deaf people, who are offered other fruition tools along the exhibition circuit.


Watch or download Italian Sign Language / LIS​  audiovideos - Open or download easy-to-read text: LINK