The Cult! 2018/19 Cult film series opens with Wim Wenders’ The American Friend.

Cinema Massimo – from 12 through 30 September 2018 – Screen Tre

The Cult! film series will resume its monthly schedule starting in September with a restored version of Wilm Wenders’ The American Friend, adapted from Patricia...


A tribute to Catherine Spaak kicks off with Alberto Lattuada’s Sweet Deceptions.

Bibliomediateca – 3 September 2018, 3.30 – Sala Eventi



After the summer break, a new season of Monday afternoon showings begins with films of acclaimed directors and actors. The September program is devoted to French actress Catherine Spaak, later naturalized Italian. Four of her earliest films were comedies that gave a...


The Urban Center Metropolitano presents in conjunction with the National Museum of Cinema the film series “Urban Screenings: seven open air showings of films set in seven European cities.

Turin – 4 through 18 July 2018, 9.30 pm – Different venues

The Urban Center Metropolitano, jointly with the National Museum of Cinema, will present seven open air showings of films set in seven European cities.

The initiative is part of I-Media Cities, a European project that will...


Preview showing of the film series Cinema a Palazzo Reale: Giovanni Pastrone’s The Fire, with sonorization by I Giardini di Mirò.

Turin – 17 July 2018, 10.00 pm – Royal Palace Courtyard

Tuesday, 17 July, 10 pm. Courtyard of the Royal Palace. Film series entitled Cinema a Palazzo Reale. Preview showing of Giovanni Pastrone’s The Fire (1915) in the restored version curated by the National Museum of Cinema. Gabriele D’...


2018 Festival Dal tramonto all’Appia – film showing of the restored version of Maciste alpino.

Rome – 9 July 2018, 9.00 pm –Appia Antica Archeological Park, Villa dei Quintili

The Appia Antica, at sunset in the quiet of the Roman countryside, is the setting for the showing of the restored version (2014) of Luigi Maggi and Luigi Roberto Borgnetto’s Maciste alpino (1916), supervised by the National...


Inauguration of the exhibition IN ALTO. Il mondo di Domenico Riccardo Peretti Griva. 1882-1962. The exhibition is held in collaboration with the National Museum of Cinema.

Usseglio – 7 July 2018, 11.00 am – Museo Civico Alpino “Arnaldo Tazzetti”

Saturday, 7 July, 11.00 am, Museo Civico Alpino “Arnaldo Tazzetti” di Usseglio, the exhibition entitled IN ALTO. Il mondo di Domenico Riccardo Peretti Griva. 1882-1962 will be inaugurated. Installed at the Museo Civico Alpino “Arnaldo Tazzetti”...


Live sonorization of the screening of Alfred Lind’s "Il Jockey della Morte"

7 July 2018, 9.00 pm - National Museum of Cinema – Temple Hall

The Temple Hall of the Mole Antonelliana is the venue of the program of events connected with the SoundFrames exhibition at the National Museum of Cinema and running through 7 January 2019. Saturday, 7 July, 9.00 pm – live sonorization of Alfred Lind’s...


Homage to Prince with the film trilogy: Albert Magnoli’s "Purple Rain", and Prince’s "Under the Cherry Moon" and "Graffiti Bridge".

Cinema Massimo – 15-22-29 June 2018, 20.30 – Sala Tre

The Soundframes exhibition, which runs through 7 January 2019 at the Mole Antonelliana, will include a film series in homage to Prince, one of the flamboyant performers who rose to fame in the 1980s. The series will be held by the National Museum of Cinema...


SoundFrames program, CreativAfrica 2018 part of the special event-exhibition Project-TO vs Voyage au Congo by Riccardo Mazza.

Mole Antonelliana – 23 June 2018, 21.00 – Central Hall

The Soundframes program, which runs through 7 January 2019, continues in the Central Hall of the Mole Antonelliana with a series of events.


Saturday, 23 June 2018, 20.30. A sonorization experiment will be held on the occasion of...


Liberation Day and 1st May at the National Cinema Museum.

National Cinema Museum – From 25 April to 1st May 2018 – Mole Antonelliana

For the occasion of the upcoming Spring bank holidays, Liberation Day (25 April) and Labour Day (1st May) the National Cinema Museum will always stay open for the entire period at the following hours:

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