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The multimedia exhibition 'Cinema and Comics' highlights points in common and differences of movie and cartoon languages throughout the hundred years of their history, to understand  how comic strip language is somewhat objectified in film-making, although it exists also thanks to reader participation. The exhibition includes many movie clips directly linked to cartoon strips, but also examples of the opposite – where a movie becomes a cartoon. You can enjoy original tables, sets, the cels from animated cartoons, photographs and  props. Interactive stations will show other possibilities of interaction between the two languages finishing with an experiment where some film sequences are turned into cartoon strips, and sound is a balloon and an onomatopoeia. Have a good read and enjoy the show!


FEBRUARY 9th > MAY 20TH 2019  | Mole Antonelliana
 Gulp! Goal! Ciak! – Guided tour for Groups 
Duration: 1h
Guided Tour in italian € 60 per group (max 15) + reduced entrance ticket
Guided Tour in other languages € 70 per group (max 15) + reduced entrance ticket
Reservations and info: 011/8138564/565 –

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