Guided Tour

July 17th 2019 > jan 6th 2020 – Mole Antonelliana

A great exhibition based on the Museum’s prestigious collection, that tells the story of this pseudoscience over the past five hundred years. An emotional path takes you  from masks to facial recognition systems once again confirming that a face is the most important place where a human being’s soul can express itself.
The exhibition weaves the threads  of an ancient discourse  the origins of which date back to Aristotle, stretching out to the present. It seeks the feedback of the characters and emotions of people in their features, but also in the graphic synthesis of the Emojis,  a sort of "catalogue" to capture visitors’ eyes and seduce their  mind as the look in the mirror and recognize their faces  in a crowd of sketched, caricatured, deformed, sublimated images from Leonardo da Vinci into  a future that has already begun.



Guided Tour in italian € 60 per group (max 15) + reduced entrance ticket
Guided Tour in other languages € 70 per group (max 15) + reduced entrance ticket

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